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HEART AT PLAY is about the beauty and elegance born of simplicity.  Where spirit meets inspiration and the heart is truly alive and at play. 

Beauty is not only about what we see, it is about the simple sensory experiences that occur in our lives each and every day.  All we have to do is recognize the opportunity for these moments and enjoy them. Indeed, if we can share them with a special someone, all the better!

Our collection of artisan made products at HEART AT PLAY provide you with simple beauty that can enrich and elevate your life. They are designed to soothe the soul with a sense of inspiration and comfort.

about michelle eggan

HEART AT PLAY founder Michelle Eggan had a desire to create a place where her rural farm roots and farm aesthetic were merged with artisan design.  She was motivated to bring authentic handmade products with a deeper meaning and useful purpose to market.  Since 2001 she has been nurturing her creative skills and learning about plants, herbs and essential oils.  Most recently, she began designing products that are representative of her understanding about the simplicity and beauty of her farm life.  The studio and its surrounding farmland are the landscape that encourage her vision.


my vision

To make and design exceptional gifts that are hand crafted with skill, beauty and love.  We highly regard simple, practical designs and products made from quality natural and organic materials that enrich every day life and support well being.  

To learn about HEART AT PLAY creative studio and school : www.heartatplaystudio.com